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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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t. right now at 5:00, a man in a crosswalk was hit by a tour bus. tonight new questions about safety on san francisco's streets. also -- >> the flames were really small in the beginning and really picked up the pace after like five minutes. it was a huge fire, huge fire. >> fire crews knocked down a hues fire in mountainview. we'll tell you about the story of the good samaritans, and theories are flying around the malaysian plane that disappeared with 239 people on board. the new resources helping out with the search. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. terry mcsweeney is off tonight. we begin with the search for the missing plane from malaysia.
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25 countries are now part of the search effort. at this point it's mostly about searching the vast areas of land and water and collecting as much data as possible. nbc's an mahbell roberts has more on the investigation. >> police are now looking closely into the lives of the pilot and co-pilot, what they do, their interests and also critically their psychological state. the conclusion that whoever is behind this, whoever disabled the communications systems and flew the plane must have significant aviation experience which leads investigators to the two pilots as possible suspect. one thing though was made very clear at this morning's press conference. the two men had not asked to fly to go. investigators have been speaking to the men's family and friends, both homes searched. the pilot was 353 and built a flight simulator at his home and this is now of major interest to investigators. it's being dismantled and looked
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at for other further information. >> we have dismantled the simulator from the room and we've assembled it at our office, and we are getting experts to look at it now. >> also experts, police are investigating the engineers and ground staff who worked on the plane before it took off and all passengers on board. as for the search, malaysian officials say there are now 25 countries involved, which sounds very complex. they want satellite and radar data in the hopes that this will help track the flight path and narrow down the search whether it went north or south over the indian ocean. many, many questions remain and at this stage very few answers. annabell roberts, nbc news, london. >> and we have continuing coverage of the malaysia airlines flight 24 hours a day online at
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more coming up after "the nightly news" in half an hour. a man in his 60s is in critical condition after being hit by a tour bus at the intersection of seventh and mission and it comes amid growing concerns about pedestrian safety in the city. more now live from san francisco with more on this for us. >> reporter: well, diane, good evening. the man was carousing mission street here at seventh and was reportedly in the crosswalk when he was struck by that tour bus. the tour bus was making a left turn here on seventh and the witness said the bus was making that turn just as the red is turning light. there are red light cameras here at the intersection so police will review that to see what happened. musses are to make the turn on to seven so they still have to sealed to pedestrians. they are cooperating were the investigation and no word on whether the driver will face any
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problems. the bus is operated by a tour company called gray line of san francisco. in addition to the driver three sight-seers were aboard the bus. a witness said the light was turning red as a butts sped up through the intersection. a pew team -- he tried to make the light. he was going faster than he should have been going. >> the witness robert roman described in graphic detail the injuries suffered and he thought he was dead. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the tour company sent a letter and said, quote, our company has been in business for 25 years with a perfect safety record to. my knowledge this is the first incident as such. of course, our first concern is for those involved.
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as i mention, actually cooperating with the authorities >> last year 21 pedestrians were killed on the streets of san francisco and the city is taking steps to solve the problem. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. live in san francisco, monty francies, nbc bay areanous. new information in a homicide case. deputies have issued an arrest warrant for the victim's husband. atlorts found the body of the 36-year-old woman on friday and her husband is the primary suspect at this point. they say he's considered to be armed and dangerous. according to deputies he may be driving the family vehicle which is the silver toyota rav 4 and may have paper plate. the couple's two daughters are safe to the. fire fighters say this fire could have been a whole lot worse if it weren't for a good samaritan who alerted the neighbors and helped get everyone to safety.
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kimberly terry is live in mountainview with that story. >> reporter: i want to show you mountainview police are still out here hours after that fire was put out, and all they will tell me is that they are out here securing the place, but there is a truck and trailer out here as well as a couple of a control cars. the homeowners were not here at the time of the fire which happened very early this morning. he ran to homes knocking on doors this morning to wake people up. good samaritan was driving some friends home around 2:30 this morning when he noticed smoke and flames coming out of house. >> the flames were really small in the beginning and really picked up the pace after like five minutes. it was a huge fire, huge fire. >> so exactly what we always tell our community which is if you see something, say something, and the passersby did exactly what we want them to do. >> reporter: fire fighters say no one was jt home. that was on fire, and they
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worked very quickly once they arrived to make surety flames did not spread to nearby homes. it took fire fighters about an hour to get the two-alarm fire under control, and the cause is now being investigated. fire fighters say the homeowners have been notified and will need to find another plates to stay since the damage is so significant. live in mountain view, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thanks, kimberly. >> following up on the massive fire in san francisco, there's reports that changes to california's fire code may explain why the fire was so severe. according to "the chris foe chronicle" building six stories or higher used to be required to have non-combustible walls and then the code was rewritten to allow builders to use wooden frames which is still cheaper. fire fighters say the fire spread so quickly partly because of those wooden frames.
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this is a high surf advisory for the bay area today. surfers took advantage of the large waves in santa cruz today. the advisory from the national weather service covers beaches from sonoma county down to mount yeah and meteorologist anthony slaughter is here with more on that and what was a beautiful day outside. >> it was awesome. this is really spectacular weather day, and we're talking temperatures in the 70s and 80s, but, of course, everything comes with a price to pay and the price we're paying right now, not only the high surf advisory but, of course, the drought that continues to linger across the bay area. headed out this evening perhaps for a lit night rendezvous or headed to the beach, keep in mind we still have that high surf advisory in effect until 9:00 tomorrow morning. things are a little different as you head towards the coastline. oakland is starting to see the fog build and even in san francisco you can see the fog really starting to build in, and this is what we're going to be looking at as we wake up tomorrow morning, fog and
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temperatures that will fall, diane. 10 to 15 degrees so hopefully enjoy today. >> i did, thank you, anthony! two years ago a teenager from the south bay disappeared and family and friends mark the anniversary with a new memorial. they dedicated a bench at washington high school in fremont. the 15-year-old was last seen outside her home in morgan hills two years ago. today her mother spoke about sierra's effect on people. >> she loved everybody she came in contact with, just a breath of fresh air, and -- and this bench commemorating her really gives me a lot of peace nothing that she will never be forgotten. >> and the lamar family and volunteers have searched for the 15-year-old every saturday since she went mission and they will continue to search.
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polls have closed in the ukrainian peninsula of crimea and more than 90% supported crimea becoming part of the russian federation. 20,000 russian troops are in the region as well. the united states is condemning the referendum as a violation of international law and a rigged election. nbc e nbc's brian moore has that story. >> before the first ballot on today -- >> the united states will not recognize the result of that referendum and we're working with our partners around the world, the europeans in particular, to marshall forces against the russians to put pressure hon them. >> that includes top sanctions. >> no boots on the grain. not the cold war again. >> some were calling for help.
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>> politics force people to change their nationality or citizenship, something is wrong for that. >> some feel that time for action is ruining short. >> clearly -- his popularity domestically has soared. >> reporter: and he shows no sign of backing down. hours before the referendum putin's troops seize d it uppin the anti-y for the first time since the cold war. >> sanctions will be announced against russia as early as tomorrow. coming up at 6:00, a political party trying to rebull. the next big test for california republicans, and one very lucky dog.
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incredible cliff rescue in the bay area.
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check this out. a daring helicopter mission for a dog stranded on the side of the cliff. the dog's opener called police after her black lab fell off a clip along the sonoma coast. it happened yesterday afternoon near portuguese beach.
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that's north of bodega bay. authorities say the rescue took less than three minutes. his name is oreo and he was reflown to the top of the will and a number of arrests have been made to try -- >> california republicans tried to rally the party faithful in the bay area this weekend wrong up their convention in burlingame. this is an opportunity for party leaders to mobilize their idea. larry gersten says this is a rebuilding year for the party >> >> lack, they are scraping
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the bottom of barrel. this party has been losing traction for 25 years. always talked the talk and in recent weeks and months they are walking the walk and we see this with the republicans embracing a couple of minority organizations, one is called grow elect and the other is calls -- these are two large ethnic groups that republicans for the most part have ignored.
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it is closing time for one of san francisco's long-standing burger joint. joe's cable car restaurant has been serving freshly ground beef burgers since 1965. it was featured on the food network show diners, drive-ins and dives. the host called it the best of the best back in 2008. today the restaurant and the outer mission was packed with fans, as you can see. very sorry to see it close. nbc bay area asked joe why he's closing, and he said, quote, doctor's orders. i'm 75 years old. time is up. so there you go. meteorologist anthony slaughter is tracking the beautiful
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weather for us. i just gave away my aides unknowingly. >> 75, that's when it's time to call it quits. >> that puts things in perspective to me, like how long do i have to go? >> retirement is way off in the distance. saw a beautiful day across the bay area and had a chance to get out and enjoy. you were able to see it was well above average for this time of year, 82 in livermore and even 77 in san jose so hope you took advantage of it. want to give you a quick glimpse of what it will look like in the south bay. today 77 degrees and tomorrow 70 will be the high which means all day long we'll be climbing through the 60s, tuesday and wednesday it will feel more like it felt today back in the mid-70s across the south bay. do have a storm system that will move in tonight, that's what's kicking up the fog and bringing in the marine layer and temperatures really going to plummet. we're talking places like
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livermore in the 60s tomorrow and really with that in place winds are going to be very blustery all day long. in fact, the worst one will be in san francisco and right along the coastline, gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. get gusts up to 40 or over to half moon bay. and you'll notice on the keys, lots of orange and red and really a blustery day and livermore conquered, the keys again, won't be as windy in our inland valleys, but, again, definitely a little cooler from where it was. 70 in san jose and palo alto and even san francisco in the 70s and we're going 62 in the marina and leaving the embarcadero up to 66 degrees. and that does come with a little morning fog. 71 in santa rosa and east bay and tri-valley. again, no 80s. livermore you're back to 70.
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even oakland going to be a cooler spot from what it was looking earlier today. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s want to leave you with this glimpse. as we watch this fog move in at the coast, wouldn't be surprise federal we see a little bit of drizzle for that morning commute. >> okay. that's hard to believe given the day we had. >> i know. >> thank you, anthony. >> yeah. >> we've got henry wofford of comcast sportsnet joining us now. henry, nice to see you, sir. how are you? >> always good to see you, diane. got a lot going on, especially with hoops and hockey. how about this? it goes down to the wire in madison square garden. could they pull off the victory? plus the big news of the day. where does stanford end up in the ncaa tournament? it's all coming up next in sport.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. sharks are in rhythm and haven't missed a beat in five games. today the guys were going for their sixth consecutive win, but they had to do it on the road in new york. let head out to the big apple where the sharks were taking on the new york rangers. first period is where we'll pick it up. sharks on the penalty kill, but it's logan couture on the breakaway. backhander and count that baby. take a look at that shorthanded goal. sharks take the lead and happy to have it because that was the only goal of the game. antti niemi, most in a decade.
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over to basketball, the sanford hoop team is headed to the big dance. the cardinal earned the 10 seed in the south region of the ncaa tournament and will face the university of new mexico in the first round in st. louis, missouri. congrats to those guys. to pro ball where the warriors have been struggling as of late. they are on the verge of its first three-game losing streak since november. tonight's game against the trail blazers is important as they fight to tighten the race for fifth place in the western conference. >> we don't wan to turn one bad loss into two losses. we're going against a very good portland team. important for us to get back on track and make sure we stop the bleeding right away. >> it will be important for us to start out the game strong and be physical as best we can, especially playing on the road. >> over to golf.
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final round, robert geragos, your leader heading into sunday. second shot on 6 from the trees. goes from one rough to the other. shoots a 4 over 75 and finished fourth. the day belonged to john sendant, take a look at it. chipped it in for birdie. his first pga victory in more than seven years. before we get out of here, check this eight out. jim harbaugh not doing pushups but no, with the walrus. the coach had a workout. he was so impressive the team is considering drafting him in the sixth or seventh this round. maybe he or she could play defensive tackle or offensive tackle, i don't know. >> kept following what he was
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doing and that wall muss is so cute when he swing around underneath and can look at him in the window. >> if you go to youtube, that walrus can do sit-ups. the name of her is cksicu, she can do sit-ups, it's unbelievable.
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the city of lights wants to make sure tourists and everyone else can still enjoy the view so starting tomorrow drivers will only be able to use their vehicles every other day. the french government made the call after air pollution exceeded safe levels for five straight days. hundreds of police officers will patrol areas of paris in order to ensure that the new rule is respected. so it's based on odd or even license plates, similar to how we had that gas rationing you might remember back in the
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1970s. we've got the drought and water readministrations. what's next? >> there's something everywhere. >> all right. "nbc nightly news" is next. see you at 6:00. good night. on this sunday night, the mystery of flight 370. tonight, as 25 countries search and investigate, new details about the duration and path of the flight, and what they're learning about the pilots, while the anguish grows deeper for loved ones still waiting for answers. breaking away. today's landslide vote in ukraine'crimea region to join russia. but will it stop there? tonight, gaming russia's next move. surviving a tornado. ten months after that awful day in moore, oklahoma, a mother's mission to help give children at least a better chance when a tornado strikes. and music milestone. we're inside the grand ole opry house on its 40th anniversary as the legends of country music come home.


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